In a recent review of 25 faith based organizations, I found that 21 out of the 25 clearly
articulate their stated missions & visions. However only 11 out of the 25 had operational
priorities which aligned to the stated mission and vision. The most common explanation
to this lack of alignment was that their current leadership team changed directions,
based on funding available. Further the comment from 10 of those organizations was
that leadership just never took time to re-write the mission and vision statements.
In this blog, we will not be addressing the lack of alignment, but will be discussing one
of the most effective organizations I interviewed. They have successfully aligned their
mission, vision and operational strategies, specifically as it relates to our work around
Equity. The Organization I selected is The Salvation Army.
In 1912, the leader of Founder and General of international Leader of The Salvation
Army, General William booth addressed a crowd of members and shared one of his
most impactful proclamations of his ministry.


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