An assessment tool for individuals and teams to explore and create personal and workplace equity awareness. 

Measure employee, customer and leadership equity concerns through the EQUITY ASSESSMENT. Establish a baseline to measure project improvement over time  

Equity Awareness

To explore and create individual and community equity awareness

Self Assessments

The Equity Assessment provides individuals with a personalized “self assessment” to identify their potential biases ands gaps in thinking around equity. This personalized report provides suggested Equity Knowledge-base materials to help them close those gaps.

Why equity experience
"The Equity Experience may be the most comprehensive set of tools I have seen in moving the dial on our organization's challenges around equity. Our multiple divisions will be able to measure how they are doing through the Equity Assessment, and will have the added resources to guide their work in changing the equity conversation. The Equity Knowledge base and the Equity Engagement, take us beyond just recognizing the gaps, they will guide us in improving our work practices."
Leader of a multi-location company Equity Initiative.
"Our company has valued partnerships who provide us with an external view of our company. We have completed external audits on production processes, finances and operational safety. The Equity Audit and the additional tools should provide us with the ability to be a better employer and better serve our customer."
Small Business Owner
"Equity Experience has designed a set of tools that both assess gaps and provide solutions to closing those gaps. These tools seek to change the conversation and expose gaps in thinking. While many assessments stop there, our services are designed to be transformational for individuals and companies, We take a fresh approach to include experiential learning elements to better serve our partner companies and their key stakeholders."
Equity Experience Team
Other services

Equity Assessment

Equity Immersion