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Equity Experience is a program of the 501 (c) (3) World Changers Project, which provides a comprehensive set of tools and services that work together to enable individuals, teams, leaders, and policymakers to make lasting change within workplaces and communities. Our in-depth understanding of the national equity challenge, how organizations work, the current evidence-based research on equity, our comprehensive tools, and proven experience with implementing experiential learning qualifies us to meet your needs uniquely. Our values include:

Our services

Enhancing organization-wide equity understanding and effectiveness will require more than creating awareness, developing leaders, implementing a new program, vision or mission statement.
The following is a list of our comprehensive tools and services:

Equity Assessment

An assessment tool for individuals and teams to explore and create personal and workplace equity awareness. 

Equity Index

A baseline report that highlights the employee and customer equity concerns. 

Equity Journey

Our tools will guide you along your custom Equity Journey to develop equity thinking and equity actions.

Equity Audit

A guided external view of equity in your organization and creative strategies for continuous improvement.

Equity Training

Resources that are designed to assist an individual or organization in exposing gaps in Equity Thinking & Equity Actions, which lead to sustainable change. 

Equity Immersion

Two-day immersive on-the-ground learning expereinces within communities for individual teams and organizations. 

Equity experience: discover our Objective

Our objective is:

• to change the conversation
• to expose gaps in thinking
• to create a virtual space for open communication and thought
• to bring a balance to workplaces and communities through thought leadership and mutual experiences

our process



Measure employee, customer and leadership equity concerns through the EQUITY ASSESSMENT. Establish a baseline to measure project improvement over time.



Conduct an organization-wide EQUITY AUDIT across an organization to support DE&I leadership’s understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that core, common, and critical strategies for continuous improvement can be defined. 



Provide ongoing equity and change management guidance for the DE&I leadership team and key stakeholders through executive coaching and a customized EQUITY JOURNEY. 



Support organization-wide understanding and knowledge through key resources provided through EQUITY TRAINING. Build individual and organizational knowledge of equity issues and frameworks as you develop both teams and inclusive business practices. 

Transformation showcase


Experience you can trust, service you can count on – enhancing organization-wide equity understanding and effectiveness.  

We look forward to submitting a custom proposal for your organization and supporting your efforts to make sure the workplace and community have the policies, programs, and supports in place to foster an environment that is welcoming, respectful, and equitable for all.  

    Why choose equity experience


    Paradigm-breaking equity change that completely alters thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and actions.

    Cultural Intelligence

    We have experience leading over 90 cultural agility journeys and over 2,500 leaders.

    Customer Experience

    Instead of leaving their customers to navigate the equity challenge themselves, we have designed a number of tools to help every client transform.


    We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value equity opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their organization.

    Rich Experience

    We use the community as the classroom to create understanding and lasting change.

    Evidence Based

    We research and utilize evidence-based tools and strategies that are proven to work.

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Our Team

    Dr. Jeff Doolittle

    Co-Founder/Chief Consulting Officer

    Jeff is a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with established talent management, learning, and organization development paradigms to achieve maximum operational impacts with minimum resource expenditures. He is a growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning talent strategy, culture, performance management, learning design and facilitation, leadership development, assessments, team leadership, talent technology solutions, and change management. Jeff is an exceptionally dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.

    Dr. Karen A. Dowling

    Equity Advisor

    Dr. Karen A. Dowling is a higher education leader in the areas of multicultural learning and engagement and adult, online learning experiences. She holds degrees in Spanish, Japanese, Leadership and Supervision and Educational Studies. With over 25 years in the field of education, she is a lifelong learner, cultivator of inclusion and belonging, and believer in the power of empathy and relationships.

    Dr. Rob Simpson

    Co-Founder/Chief Experience Officer

    Rob is a Ph.D. and is a senior administrator having experience at various organizations resulting in organization-wide transformation, program innovation, fiscal sustainability, and ethics/values development. His leadership expertise covers grants, program development, and global corporate leadership & professional development, and academic educational programs at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level in on-ground, online & blended modality. Robs cross-cultural experiences span more than 45 countries globally.

    Dr. Sheba L. Wilburn

    Equity Advisor

    As a Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL), Dr. Sheba L. Wilburn serves as a global leader, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and mentor. With over 20 years of experience as a paralegal, human resources manager, and project manager, she hones the power of agility, flexibility, and adaptability. She is passionate about every leader thriving, whether from their seats or the in the boardroom. 

    Dr. Isaias Mercado

    Equity Advisor

    With over 25 years experience in the field of leadership development and management, Isaias believes that there is no greater investment than in people.  He facilitates workshop/seminars using a dynamic multi-sensory methodology to ensure attention, comprehension, retention & action; And believes everyone has the inherent ability to be a leader and to make a difference. 

    experience & Expertise
    in numbers

    Our team has the expertise to transform individuals, teams, and organizations.

    We have a heart to serve and the expertise to help leaders achieve measured business results. We equip leaders to thrive.

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    Yrs Experience in Transforming Organizational Thinking

    Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Leaders Developed

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    Cultural Agility Global Journeys Led

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    Yrs Experience in Leadership Roles from Multiple Organizations

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    Years Expereince Communication Strategies

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    Yrs Experience Developing CQ & DE&I Initiatives

    why equity experience

    "The Equity Experience may be the most comprehensive set of tools I have seen in moving the dial on our organization's challenges around equity. Our multiple divisions will be able to measure how they are doing through the Equity Assessment, and will have the added resources to guide their work in changing the equity conversation. The Equity Knowledge base and the Equity Engagement, take us beyond just recognizing the gaps, they will guide us in improving our work practices."
    Leader of a multi-location company Equity Initiative
    The EQI Discovery Workshop "opened my eyes to different ways equity is addressed in different communities. It helped me be more observant."
    EQI Immersion Participant
    The Equity Assessment and EQI Discovery Workshop "cued me in to which aspect of equity I needed to be more aware of."
    EQI Immersion Participant
    "Our company has valued partnerships who provide us with an external view of our company. We have completed external audits on production processes, finances and operational safety. The Equity Audit and the additional tools should provide us with the ability to be a better employer and better serve our customer."
    Small Business Owner
    The Equity Assessment & EQI Discovery Workshop "made me proactive and cognizant of the new experiences around me."
    EQI Immersion Participant
    "Equity Experience has designed a set of tools that both assess gaps and provide solutions to closing those gaps. These tools seek to change the conversation and expose gaps in thinking. While many assessments stop there, our services are designed to be transformational for individuals and companies, We take a fresh approach to include experiential learning elements to better serve our partner companies and their key stakeholders. "
    Equity Experience Team

    Press about EQUITY

    Caring Magazine (Oct. 2020)

    From equality to equity: The Salvation Army's dream this international day of the girl.

    US News (June 2019)

    A new study shows 'a worrisome lack of progress on health equity' in the country over 25 years.

    National Academics (June 2019)

    New report calls for a national system to measure equity in education, I\identify disparities in outcomes and opportunity

    Programming today (Oct. 2017)

    Corporations say they are using their financial might to narrow racial wealth and opportunity gap; tracking those efforts can be tough

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    Our in-depth understanding of the national equity challenge, how organizations work, the current evidence-based research on equity, our comprehensive tools, and proven experience with implementing experiential learning qualifies us to meet your needs uniquely.

    Join the movement as we bring balance, clarity, and simplicity to communities and places of work where volatility, ambiguity, and complexity surround equity.




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