"Most communities are just at the start of their work In Equity & Inclusion. It's the right work and it is essential to good government."

community & Government

Government leaders and policymakers need to take a more comprehensive approach to improve equity within society!

The United States strives to be a nation where all people can pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Unfortunately, the national equity challenges include both broadly held perceptions of inequity to explicit, illegal business practices based on race, sex, language, and other factors. Racism, classism, and sexism create environments where marginalized members of society are denied fairness and freedom from favoritism and bias. 

Performance Impact

Multiple evidence-based studies prove that increasing diversity leads to innovation and better decision making.

People Impact

Advancing equity promotes access to key enablers of well-being and prosperity for everyone, such as healthcare, finances, education, and housing.

Stakeholder Impact

Enhancing equity leads to better access to basic services, both dramatically improving outcomes, and collective society success.