Faculty and Leaders of educational institutions must be thought leaders in equity solutions.


Educational institutions have been at the forefront of the conversation about providing equitable access to education, ranging from k-12 systems to colleges & universities. 

To be an influencer in our world, educators must research and create solution based models to solve those inequities in access which potential students face. To be truly transformational, they must adapt those theoretical models and put them into policies which guide their recruitment and education practices. This would have a lasting impact on the communities they serve. 

Performance Impact

Multiple evidence-based studies prove that increasing diversity within an educational institutions hiring practices, results in more equitable access for students.

People Impact

The application of innovative and experiential learning solutions around equity, produce students who can model equity solutions and impact the broader communities in which they live.

Stakeholder Impact

Enhancing equity in educational institutions leads to better education of students, and produces students who can provide equitable solutions to the broader communities they influence.